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Vets have found ‘GenX’ harness particularly useful for both lifting and walking dogs whilst the dogs are in their care.

In 2006, there was a research paper published by an American Animal Hospital called: “Effects of the
Application of Neck Pressure by a Collar of Harness on Intraocular Pressure ( the cavity behind the
eye) in Dogs”. This said:

The effect on intraocular pressure (IOP) from dogs pulling against a collar and lead was evaluated
in 51 eyes of 26 dogs (that means every dog!!). The force each dog generated while pulling against
a collar was measured. Intraocular pressure measurements were obtained during application of
corresponding pressures via collars. Intraocular pressure increased significantly from baseline when
pressure was applied via collar but not via a harness. Based on the results of the study, dogs with a
weak or thin cornea, glaucoma, or conditions for which an increase in IOP could be harmful should
wear a harness instead of a collar, especially during exercise or activity.

Lets put it this way, put a collar around your neck and have a friend pull on an attached lead gently
– you’ll find that your neck will probably end up being sore for days. Now imagine what happens to
your dog, when hes pulling forward continuously and you’re pulling back.

There are numerous different collars and harnesses that you can buy – a few of these dog
products are very good but LOTS are really awful and cheap. Very few manufacturers seem to have
understood the anatomy of a dog in order to find the most comfortable and safest fit for the harness
that they sell (Things such as the distribution of weight, load and anatomical position of various
structures do not seem to have been taken into account at all).

The Quincys ‘GenX’ harness was designed not just for orthopaedic dogs, but for ALL dogs. There is a
myth about dogs pulling more with a harness – and that’s all it is – a myth. There are lots of dogs that
pull just as much wearing a collar and lead, however with the GenX harness, there is more control,
because, there are two points of contact. One on the lead and the second on the handles.

With police dogs, I’ve seen where the police handler will place the lead under the legs so as to lift
the back end of their dog to stop the dog from pulling. This is definitely not a good method and
worse can cause serious injury to the dog. With the ‘Genx’ harness you have handles at the back
that allow you to safely lift the back end up without harming the dog and thus stopping the dog from

Even simple things such as getting your dog in and out of the car, or, simply walking your dog
up and down the stairs is made easier using the ‘GenX’ harness. Vets have found this harness
particularly useful for both lifting and walking dogs whilst the dogs are in their care.

The GenX harness is designed more for able bodied dogs and although you can use this harness
for dogs with walking difficulties, a much better orthopaedic harness for dogs is our Quincys ‘Full
support and mobility harness’.

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