Treating arthritis in dogs

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There are various reasons for arthritis, but the main reason is simply that the joints have worn over the years.

As your dog grows older, one of the most common health problems is arthritis – so be prepared. You will often hear veterinarians refer to this as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease.

There are various reasons for arthritis, but the main reason is simply that the joints have worn over the years.

When the dog is young, your dogs body repairs itself however as they age this process gets slower and much tougher. Several things happen, the ligaments that hold the legs together begin to stretch, meaning the joints become looser. This in turn slowly eats away at the surface of the joint which causes the joints to become inflamed. The body then tries to compensate and new bone starts developing in the wrong places causing the dog to be in pain. As the dog gets older, it’s a vicious circle and you start seeing the limping much more often. This is what arthritis is.

This process leads to the dog walking less, which in turn causes muscle wastage. Muscle is even more important now to hold everything in place.
There are other reasons for arthritis, ranging from being born with misaligned bones or maybe even a car incident.

You vet will be able to guide more towards what can be done, however, the reason for this article is to talk about how Quincys range of harnesses can assist.

Both the Spero and the GenX harnesses have handles to the front and the back. These handles allow to support your dog when on walks and by doing so take some of the weight off the joints. This in turn allows the dog to walk further, and retain or even rebuild muscle with not so much impact on the joints.

The Spero harness was always designed for the once a day ‘longer’ walks, however we do recommend that it is removed after the walk. It’s an amazing harness and the idea behind it is so simple, however, it is completed to put on and adjust perfectly the first time. Plus, the dog doesn’t always take to it the first time. Over a few walks the dog will slowly get used to it as will you.

On the other hand, the GenX harness is designed for your everyday use. Being breathable, the Genx harness can be left on all day and the handles have all been reinforced for regular lifting. The harness is extremely easy to put on or take off, with all the belt straps containing padding allowing for weight distribution and taking into account the pressure points.

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