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The flexibility of our ‘Spero’ Mobility Support Harness system means it can be used for so many different problems and situations. No other dog mobility aid is such a flexible tool and therefore such value for money.

Hi Josh, You must have been wondering why you never heard from me , especially after your immense kindness in sending the whole ‘Spero’ dog harness kit: the parcel was supposed to arrive on the Wednesday after you sent it, but did not; Tarot had a veterinary appointment in Rome on the Thursday, and of course we missed the postman, who tried to deliver it that morning. That meant that, with the major holiday of All Soul’s day on the Friday, no postSaturday, Remembrance Day on the Monday November 4th (Italians do well on holidays!), it had not arrived by the time I left on that Monday, for a month of photography in Antarctica and Patagonia. I was able to get e mails from, my husband, as a special favour for ‘family health issues” (didn’t specify who!!) while on the boat, but I couldn’t write to you as well. I got back this evening after 36 hours of sleepless travel back home, and I am delighted to see Tarot sporting her new harness. It is fantastic. Looks like my husband has been using just the dog part, rather than dog and handler combination, as the vet was keen for us to let Tarot work on her own muscle strength, but I suspect that it will be useful in the hopefully pretty distant future. It is a joy to see how easily she walks with the harness – it gives her just the right amount of support and control, and she and we have a much better level of stability and confidence. I haven’t forgotten your request for a video, but of course, it was a bit difficult for Ross to do this on his own. We will work on it in the very near future. Thank you again, and I hope you will forgive what seemed like an ungrateful delay in acknowledging receipt and success of your wonderful design. All the best

Spero Dog Mobility Harness
Date published: 12/03/2013
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