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The flexibility of our ‘Spero’ Mobility Support Harness system means it can be used for so many different problems and situations. No other dog mobility aid is such a flexible tool and therefore such value for money.

Having received your package, I didn’t know what to expect. It didn’t matter as my Riley has deteriorated so much and I would have done anything for him. Nothing could have prepared me for your ‘Spero’ harness and how well it works for him. I’ve used it now for a day and I knew I just had to write to you to say how grateful I am!! You harness is beyond amazing and there aren’t any words that I can offer, but please know that I am at my most sincere, when I say that this work of art has truly, truly helped both me and my dog. Quincys is an amazing company, your products are awesome, and your dream of building animal hospitals to help people without insurances is inspiring… and your magnificent dog harness is beyond astonishing.

You friend

Spero Dog Mobility Harness
Date published: 02/15/2014
5 / 5 stars

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