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The flexibility of our ‘Spero’ Mobility Support Harness system means it can be used for so many different problems and situations. No other dog mobility aid is such a flexible tool and therefore such value for money.

I can’t thank Josh enough for taking time to discuss my boys problems, I freaked after the vet told me he had hip problems, this is after two cruciate ligament ops which he is recovering from.

I felt that our boy was never going to play or run again, however, a dear friend put me in touch with Josh who took the time reassuring me that our boy just needed support and building muscle. Josh suggested the harness, i ordered it immediately. My Duke is a bit sensitive about his little boy bits so took some getting used to the harness, but, it was for his benefit.

The vets diagnosis shocked and scared me, but since talking to Josh and now with the harness rehabbing Duke, regardless of the harness, Quincys gave sound advice and hope.

Duke is now exercising more. The harness is my safety net and knowing that Josh is at the end of the phone. Quincys is so passionate about dogs and their welfare. Spread the word as I have done around my home town, as I had never known or heard about Quincy’s before. Thank you

Spero Dog Mobility Harness
Date published: 11/09/2013
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