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Thank you again for coming out to Dulwich to deliver and fit your mobility harness on Keane.

After a false start the next morning and a few minor adjustments to the straps, he now wears the harness ‘happily’ and it’s really helping control of his back legs.

Strength is slowly coming back and he is now able to get up from his bed and stand un-assisted; legs still buckle sometimes, unexpectedly, so we cannot leave him unsupervised.

Drugs are being switched tomorrow from Carprieve to Prednisolone and I’ve been on the hunt for carpet runners to cover the floor and offer him more grip on the floor that way.

We’ll keep you posted on progress if you like and  I will let you know how, My Vet in Cowley heard of you.

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Quincys Dog Harness

Quincys Dog Harness