How to stop a dog from pulling

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When you get a puppy, how often do they pull your arms out of the socket!

I used to find that when walking some of my dogs, it was often more of a chore instead of being a pleasurable experience when they started pulling; I guess most of you feel the same. When you get a puppy, how often do they pull your arms out of the socket!

I never for one moment thought that walking a dog on a collar and lead would be a problem, as, everyone does it… Right??

Then it happened, a neck injury. I’ve owned dogs for a long time and I’ve never had to go to vets for a neck injury. Anyway, a long story short, no insurance and a few thousand pounds later, now all my dogs wear harnesses.

But they pull even harder!! Reading up and crawling the web, I’ve found out this is because a harness is designed to encourage them pull.

So, i tried your Halti’s, and your figure of 8 shaped leads, but they all tend to leave a mark on my dogs face, and worse, is when they slip out. These are not as quick a fix as people make out.

Security dog handlers with guard dogs have it spot on using a different method. These are professionals and I found their method was is very effective, but a bit too dangerous. To understand this method, is to understand how your dog begins his journey to pulling.

Its pretty obvious if you think about it, for a dog to pull, a dog must push off with their back legs. This then creates a momentum, which enables the dog to lunge forward, leading, to the dog pulling.

The way in which some security handlers deal with this is by feeding a long dog lead attached to the collar through the dogs front and back legs and if the dog is about to pull, they simply lift the lead high up in the air sharply for only a second, saying the command ‘STAY’. Done a few times, the dog stops pulling. Believe it or not this works, but in my opinion, this so dangerous on every level that I do not recommend that anyone ever tries this.

The only harness that works by way of getting a dog to stop pulling is the GenX harness system. This comes as a front end harness but also has a detachable back end section with handles. Both the front and back end straps are heavily padded to help with the dogs weight distribution and also to avoid chaffing.

The inside of the harness of the harness is from a breathable air mesh which allows you to leave it on your dog for longer periods. This being especially helpful, if you have a dog with mobility issues.  The harness also comes has extras which can be bought, such as two high beam side lights which you can attach to either side of the front harness. These lights are great as one can be positioned facing the front allowing the dog to see where it is going and the other facing the back, allowing you to see what you just trod in.

Cutting it short, the GenX harness works using the same philosophy which the security dog handlers use. This being to give a short sharp lift using the commands ‘stay’.

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