Managing Spinal Injury in Dogs

Spinal injuries and back problems in dogs can be painful and debilitating. Whether you’ve elected surgery or are just trying to manage the condition with medication and physical rehabilitation the Spero harness will be invaluable.

Designed to alleviate 30% of weight off the back legs your dog will be able to walk further. This is so important as it will help to build muscle. It also acts to straighten the spine making it much more comfortable for your dog. By using the Spero harness every day you will see improvements within a few weeks.

  • ‘Spero’ Dog Mobility Support Harness : Sale – £90.00.


The video below will demonstrate exactly how it will help and the difference it will make to your dog.

  • Hydrotherapy for dogs

    dogs hydrotherapy

    Hydrotherapy is also a fantastic way of building muscle and cardiovascular fitness without stressing the joints. It also helps manage weight and improve blood circulation to the heart. Swimming is not only a great exercise for people, it works for dogs too. Even dogs who aren’t naturally ‘water dogs’ will enjoy the benefit hydrotherapy brings. If you are lucky enough to live near Quincys Hydrotherapy pool in Hertfordshire then we recommend 2 sessions a week to help your dog become stronger, happier and more mobile again.

As with all medical conditions, your dog should see a vet regularly.

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