The Quincys Mobility Harness

Posted by vikram on August 09, 2013  /   Posted in Blog

The full mobility support harness system is made up of three parts: the dog harness, the human harness and an adjustable lead.

The way it works is quite simple; both you and your dog wear a harness. This is attached to each other by way of an adjustable lead. The lead is adjusted so that you take some of the weight off your dog which is particularly important for the older and post-surgery dogs. By taking some of the weight off your dogs legs, this allows you to take longer walks which in turn helps to rebuild your dogs muscles and improve control of their limbs.

The human harness is very important in the sense that it allows you to safely use your legs and shoulders to take the weight off your dog , thus avoiding straining your own back.

As your dog’s muscles get stronger and the dog starts to rehabilitate you can detach the ‘human harness’ and use just the dog harness. You support your dog by holding one of the handles on his harness and control him using a normal dog lead.

The dog harness can also be used on its own for assisting your dog in and out of the car. It can also be used to fully control your older or injured dog going up and down stairs or walking across slippery surfaces which is absolutely crucial in these circumstances.

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Quincys Dog Harness

Quincys Dog Harness