The ‘GenX’ No-Pull Dog Harnesses

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WHY the ‘GenX’ dog harness is one of the best designs ever made.

Our ‘GenX’ dog harness helps to combat the pulling instinct unlike most other harnesses which actually encourage pulling.

This may be your first ever dog, you may be a seasoned dog owner, or  you may even be a dog trainer and know nearly everything there is to know about dogs but if I asked you:

What is better when walking a dog, a harness or a collar and lead

What is the best dog harness

and why. – what would say?

There was a very important article published by an American Animal Hospital in 2006 which basically reported back that of the 26 dogs tested on a lead and collar, 51 eyes had excessive fluid pressure behind the eyes and for this reason they recommend a dog should only use a harness when walking on a lead. This recommendation was based on dogs using both the collar and lead method and the on dogs using a harness. Of all the dogs using a harness, it was reported back, NOT ONE had a build up of pressure behind the eyes.

Using a collar and lead, all the focus is on one small point which can cause injury especially to a persistent puller or simply, by continuously and over a period of time, yanking the lead which everyone tends to do at one time or another.

With regards to choosing the correct harness there are many harnesses, but most people are unaware that a lot of body harnesses for dogs do in fact encourage pulling. There are also a lot of cheap and flimsy versions out there, but its always best to pay that little bit extra and to buy a more robust harness which is well made and takes into account things like pressure points and weight distribution.

There are a variety of dog harnesses to choose from and as we don’t want this page to seem like an advert for any dog harness company, we’ll try and explain the concept instead…

  1. The freight harness or the H back harness – the type that maybe a Bernese mountain dog would use to pull a cart
  2. The racing harness – X back harness – used correctly captures the complete power of the dog from the shoulders through to the back legs.
  3. The Y back harness – this is similar to the H Back and is known as a hybrid and is moving up the ranks with skijoring.

Most harness designs will be based on these three in one way or another.

Generally, you will notice that all the above, encourage your dog to pull on the lead. So the question is, what is the best harness that will allow you to walk your dog without encouraging them to pull?

To answer this – If you think this through logically, for a dog to pull, the dog has to push off with their back legs and this enables them to start a momentum which then enables them to thrust forward and pull.

The ‘GenX’ harness is made up of two detachable sections; a front and back section – both with handles. The harness has large padded adjustable straps that fit around the tummy and chest area. The padded areas are large and designed to help with weight distribution and also to avoid chaffing.

The way the GenX works – If a dog is about to pull, then by simply holding onto the back handle, you give a quick sharp up and down jerk  – at the same time saying ‘Stay’. Normally within just a few minutes, the dog realises that its pointless pulling and gives up. The reason for this is because by lifting the back they lose the power to thrust forward. By repeating this action on a daily basis, your dog quickly associates the command ‘Stay’ with not moving.

Amazingly it’s that simply.

We also found in addition that the ‘GenX’ harness was great  for giving that extra support to either the older dogs; lifting in and out of the car where most injuries occur; walking up the stairs; invaluable for vets; for the police; for the active walkers; and list just goes on.

Additional items that can be purchased and slotted onto the GenX harness:

  • Side high beam lights
  • Human Harness to help with mobility issues
  • Adjustable lead for the Human Harness.
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