The GenX Harness

Posted by vikram on August 09, 2013  /   Posted in Blog

At Quincys, we are thrilled to be introducing our new ‘GenX’ dog harness. The likes of which has never been seen before.

We tested the harness on dogs that pull and found that on most dogs you’ll get results within minutes if not less. The dog will stop pulling and you will have total control

If you think it through logically, for a dog to pull, the dog has to kick off with their back legs and this lunge enables them to start a momentum which then enables them to pull. By simply lifting the back of the dog – using the handles on our GenX harness, and saying ‘No’, within just a few attempts, the dog will realise that its pointless pulling and give up. This is because by lifting the back, they lose the power to pull.

Medically speaking, In 2006, research was carried out by an American animal hospital on 26 dogs. The report confirmed that out of the 26 dogs tested, that the effect on intraocular pressure (this is the fluid pressure behind the eyes) from dogs pulling against a collar and lead was evaluated in 51 eyes of 26 dogs.

This means every dog had excessive pressure around the neck and eyes!!

More Importantly– The report also confirmed that Intraocular pressure (IOP) increased significantly from the baseline when pressure was applied via collar but NOT when using a harness.


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Quincys Dog Harness

Quincys Dog Harness