‘GenX’ dog harness from Quincys

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‘GenX’ dog harness from Quincys


Deep in the depths and the darkest dungeons of the Quincys work offices, deep within the rural city of St Albans, a very skilled and talented group of researchers have been working on and releasing what they call the Next Generation of Dog harnesses. Due to be released late in February 2013 to the general public.

Some say that the researchers at Quincys are geniuses; others say that there just plain barmy, but what we do know is that they can eat raw onions without shedding a tear.

The harness itself is a closely guarded secret by our researchers however we have sent our own crack covert unit made up of warehouse workers pretending they are walking their canine friends to catch glimpses of this amazing new dog harness. These brave men and women, today, wanted by the researchers for their treachery, survive simply by using their wits avoid the researchers at all cost by hiding behind their canines.





All we do know about this revolutionary harness is:

  • It comes in two sections – A front section and a rear section which are both detachable
  • The harness has handles on both the front and rear sections
  • These handles are made of padded nylon webbing, and there’s a softer material underneath which makes the handles more comfortable for the handler.
  • There’s also a very clever air mesh on the inside of the harness making it more breathable
  • The chest and stomach straps have extra padding on the webbing straps that made from a strong nylon outer and a soft neoprene interior.

Unfortunately that’s all we know so far, however some of our more clever individuals from our crack unit managed to take some photos with their iphones and BlackBerrys.





From what we understand, this harness has been designed to replace anything and everything currently out there. We are also aware that the harness will be named the ‘GenX’ dog harness from Quincys.

Keep an eye here and we will report back once we have more to report?









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Quincys Dog Harness

Quincys Dog Harness