Dog Treatment for Arthritis

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What do you do with a dog with arthritis?

  • Put your dog to sleep?
  • Give your dog pain killers? If so… whats the best pain killer to help your dog?
  • Or – would you try your best to help your dog because your dog is a member of the family?

This is why the Quincys harness is ideal. Its the only harness system that enables the walker to use their own body weight to help their dog to walk again.

You may ask – so, what’s so special about the Quincys harness system?

The Quincys harness system is a mobility aid for your dog and is made up of three parts: the dog harness, a harness for the walker and an adjustable lead. Both you and your dog wear a harness – this can be attached to each other by way of an adjustable lead. The aim of the adjustable lead is to allow you to control and direct your dog which is particularly important for injured and post-surgery dogs. The aim of the ‘human harness’ is to allow you to use your own weight to support your dog by taking some of the weight off your dog.

The human harness is designed to let you safely use your shoulders and legs to take the weight, which avoids straining on your back and causing you injury.

It’s such a flexible system

The Quincys harness system can be used in different ways depending on your dog’s needs.

All three component parts can be used for dogs that need the maximum support i.e. dogs with hind leg paralysis dogs or immediately after surgery.

As your dog’s muscles get stronger and they rehabilitate after surgery you can detach the human harness and use just the dog harness. You can still support your dog by holding one of the handles on his harness and control him using a normal dog lead. The harness allows you to take longer walks which in turn helps to rebuild your dogs muscles and improve control of their limbs.

The dog harness is ideal for assisting your dog in and out of the car and having full control of your dog going up and down stairs or even walking across slippery surfaces which is absolutely crucial following any surgery.

When can the Quincys Harness Help?

The flexibility of the Quincys harness system means it can be used for so many different problems and situations. No other dog mobility aid is such a flexible tool and therefore such great value for money.

Previous customers have used the Quincys harness for a variety of conditions and situations including:

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