Quincys Animal Hospital

I set up Quincys with one thing in mind; to help dogs and other animals. Right from the start I decided that all of the proceeds from Quincys would be used towards building and running one of the biggest veterinary hospitals in the UK. This hospital would be different though; it would offer free veterinary care to people who have sick and injured pets but couldn’t afford to help them.

I live my life by setting myself goals to achieve; the most important being to nurture my relationship with my wife and family and now my new goal is to strive towards helping people with sick animals.

The truth is millions of pet owners end up putting their animals to sleep simply because their Insurance company refuses to pay anymore or the owner was unable to afford insurance. For an owner this is heart-breaking.

A woman to inspire to is the late Mary Dickin who left behind the wonderful legacy of the PDSA; I would like my animal hospital to be my legacy. The Quincys hospital will be set up to help people with or without insurance to help their sick and injured pets long after I have passed away.

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Quincys Dog Harness

Quincys Dog Harness