Which dog leads are the best?

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We’ve checked out a few dog leads designed to tackle common dog walking challenges.

Most dogs will walk right by your side and I have to say, It’s a total joy to walk these dog around parks and neighbourhoods. However, not everyone is so lucky! So we’ve checked out a few dog leads designed to tackle common dog walking challenges.

1. Quincys Stop Pulling Dog Leash – Price Range: £15.99

What it does: When you have a dog that pulls hard, and likes to be sometimes in front, sometimes behind, and sometimes right by your side, the Quincys dog lead is the answer everyone has been looking for. The leash extends from two to six feet without you having to do a thing. It’s drag-free and tangle-free (as the dog comes closer, the rubber coil inside the webbing fabric automatically shortens), so it stays clean and your dog stays safe. Perfect for taking away that ‘arm out of the socket’ jolt that the pullers have. Ideal for both the smaller and large breed dogs. Although the dog leash was not designed as a training aid, a lot of people have confirmed that their dogs stopped pulling shortly after using this lead and it certainly helps to make the walks much more enjoyable.


2. ROK Straps’ No Jolt Stretch Dog Lead – Price Range: £20.00 to £25.00

First impressions were that it looks well manufactured and rugged; their leaflet says it’s made of a solid rubber core with nylon braid that is chew resistant. To the chewer, nothing is chew resistant! The lead comes with a padded handle and also comes with a convenient D-ring making it easy to wrap round a post if you need to leave your dog for a minute. Again, this lead itself is elasticated making it easier for those who have dogs that are pullers. The best feature about this dog lead I found was the second handle at the opposite end of the lead called a ‘Traffic Leaders’, so you can easily hold the dog close to you at the roadside. It’s also pretty handy as a car restraint too – although it’s only meant to hold the dog in place whilst you need to, and is not a replacement for a proper dog car seat belt.

3. Figure of eight dog lead -Price Range: £10.00 to £20.00

The figure of eight nose restraint is made from soft braided nylon rope, and helps to control the dog that pulls whilst out walking. This dog lead is both easy to use and very effective in controlling the dog that pulls. Attached to the dog leash is a rubber stopper for a snug fit. This dog lead is a revelation and personally I found it much better and easier to use then a halti. Most people when asked who trailed this leash said as soon as the dog lead was put on their dog within seconds the dog gave in and allowed them control. Initially however, you will find that the dog will try and paw it off.  Dogs were found to be much calmer when using the lead.

Although there are hundreds of different styles and different types of leads out in the market, we found these three to be the best and would score them all 5 out of 5. All three are useful and stand out from your normal run of the mill dog lead.


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Quincys Dog Harness

Quincys Dog Harness