Belly Sling

Belly Strap – £38.00

Quincys Belly Strap for Dogs

Length 29cm – Width 9cm
(Each Handle length) 37cm – 70cmMedium
Length 55cm – Width 14cm
(Each Handle length) 30 cm – 59cmLarge
Length 69cm – Width 19cm
(Each Handle length) 20cm – 39cm


*GBP 5.00 Extra for Postage.

Here’s a great reason why you’d consider the belly sling.

The GenX harness is a much better option but if you need something quick and finance just means the GenX is out of reach, here’s a great example where the belly sling will also work very well:

The tough ligament otherwise known as fibrous bands that connects a dogs Femur (thigh bone) to the Tibia (shin bone) is called a cruciate ligament. You may often hear veterinarians refer to these as an ACL or CCL.

Because dogs are often very active from a young age, this ligament can sometimes rupture

Limping is the most commonest of signs that your dog may have a cruciate injury. The limping may appear suddenly during or after exercise in some dogs, or it may be progressive and intermittent in others. Often you will notice that they find it difficult to rise from a prone position and may even have a very “pottery” gait. It’s best to visit your veterinarian who will have several diagnostic procedures to follow when looking for the source of the injury.

Although surgery may well be necessary, it’s wise to have some form of support that’s quick and easy to use during the injured or recovery stages.

Often, people may start with using a towel as a sling. This tends to be placed under the hip of the dog to support its weight. Not only is this awkward but it’s also not ideal.

The use of a proper stomach strap such as a Quincys Belly sling will help to support your dog, reduce stress and also avoids injury to yourself.

Our Belly Slings are make from a Durable strong nylon exterior with a soft cleanable nylon underbelly. The slings are padded inside with a thick layer of foam to avoid the harness losing shape when weight bearing, maximising safety and comfort of your pet. The adjustable handle length also minimizes painful bending for the handler.

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