How can you help your dog if they have arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia.

Posted by vikram on April 26, 2013  /   Posted in Blog

Have you ever wondered what pain your dog must be going through with either arthritis or hip dysplasia?

Try and find a human who has either arthritis or hip dysplasia and ask them how painful this really is. They will tell you that in the mornings they can open their hands, they get pins and needles, they sometimes just collapse as they are walking. Its really scary.

Normally, as you dog gets older, you start noticing that they are slowing down and just maybe you are in a fortunate position where money is not so tight and you can afford a visit to see your vet. Your vet tells you probably what you already know – that your dog has hip dysplasia and arthritis. From hence forth you start with the medication to try and relieve the pain.

So whats the magic answer you may ask. Well its quite simple and most of you already knew the answer.

A dog is an animal and as an animal most dogs have a high threshold of pain – so they just carry on as long as they know you are happy. If when you walk your dog, you were able to take some of the pressure away from the affected areas, this would make your dogs life so much more  comfortable.

At Quincys, we have come up with two very special dog harnesses which do exactly this. There’s our support harness which allows you to walk your dog for greater distances and also the GenX harness which is the cheaper smaller brother version of the support harness. Both dog harnesses come with handles to the front and to the rear.

By using the handles and taking some of the weight off the legs, this eases the pressure on the joints, and allows your dog to lead a more  comfortable life. In fact, this will also help with walking your dog greater distances which helps to rebuild the lost muscles.

For more information on our harnesses, visit our shop on our website:

The GenX harness is designed for able bodied dogs and to stop your dog from pulling, however, its also ideal for dogs with arthritis, dysplasia, cruciates and CDRM.

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