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Not everyone can deal with a handicapped dog, but the rewards are wonderful.

It’s often the case that when a dog is disabled or handicapped, people will consider putting their dog to sleep. Animals have feelings, thoughts, can make decisions and they hurt when you poke them with a pin just as we do.

You wouldn’t consider putting down a human child or grandmother just because they had a disability or was old, so why is it so easy to contemplate putting your dog to sleep?

I’ve had Bud, my Dogue de Bordeaux, since he was 7 months old. He belonged to a customer and somehow whilst he was in the customers care suffered a spinal injury. Prior to taking ownership of Bud, I’d met him on several occasions and he was a typical puppy, mischievous, funny and ever so cute.

As an inventor of dog products, I’d had just then recently invented a mobility harness for dogs which I felt may aid with his recovery, so I decided to take ownership. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy but the love he gives back is unconditional and he completes another part of the puzzle in what is known as my life.

Now aged 4, with the aid of Quincys ‘Spero’ harness and regular hydrotherapy, he’s able to walk again with a small amount of assistance. It’s still hard and it takes a lot of patience but on a personal level, I’ve found that I’ve gotten used to it.

Would I do it again? Yes is the simple answer. Since the launch of my company, I have met thousands of disabled dogs and I found that most dogs are quite accepting of their limitations. They adjust much better than people do to their disabilities. Animals are unlike humans, they have a much more realistic and sensible way of looking at their disabilities. Actually, they’re quite practical! Like us and maybe even more, they want to live – but unlike us they don’t whine and complain about their loss of mobility, sight or hearing. They just adjust as long as they are still loved.

The worst thing I have ever seen is when a dog is dumped at a rescue or humane centre just because they are old, disabled or sick. They die abandoned and all alone. Even if you have to put your dog to sleep, take responsibility, be there with the vet while your dog is put down humanely. The way the dog sees you is that you are a pack member and he would want all his pack there at the end.

Not everyone can deal with a handicapped dog, but the rewards are wonderful. I know my Bud would give up his life for me and this reason, I’d do my utmost to help him. I don’t regret a single moment or dollar I spend on him.

For those who don’t understand – frankly I feel sorry for them. To think dogs are disposable when they don’t function and worse for family and friends to say your dog should be put to sleep.

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