Managing a Cruciate Ligament Injury

We often hear of this type of injury being associated with footballers and athletes. In dogs it is a similar principle. The cruciate ligament is a fundamental part of your dogs knee. It can be injured in 2 ways. Firstly and most commonly it is down to an active dog jumping and not landing correctly or running and making a sharp turn that tears the ligament.

The second is ongoing stretching of the ligament until it snaps. Overweight dogs can be prone to this type of injury simply due to joints being weakened by the excessive weight.

Whilst its not life threatening, correct treatment is important to ensure there are no ongoing issues like pain, lameness and ultimately arthritis.

Some dogs will benefit from surgery whereas others will improve with controlled therapy such as cage rest and restricted activity.

Qunicys Spero harness is a game changer in managing this condition, both for the owner and the dog. It is designed to support your dog by taking some of the weight off their legs and making exercise a much less painful experience. Supported by you, your dog can move more freely and rebuild crucial muscle without putting excessive strain on the legs.

  • ‘Spero’ Dog Mobility Support Harness : Sale – £90.00.


    GenX – Dog Lifting Harness with Handle – £75.99


Surgery to correct the condition can be undertaken and the Spero harness is a must have to help you through the dogs recovery.

  • Hydrotherapy for dogs

    dogs hydrotherapy

    Hydrotherapy is also a fantastic way of building muscle and cardiovascular fitness without stressing the joints. It also helps manage weight and improve blood circulation to the heart. Swimming is not only a great exercise for people, it works for dogs too. Even dogs who aren’t naturally ‘water dogs’ will enjoy the benefit hydrotherapy brings. If you are lucky enough to live near Quincys Hydrotherapy pool in Hertfordshire then we recommend 2 sessions a week to help your dog become stronger, happier and more mobile again.

As with all medical conditions, your dog should see a vet regularly.

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