Broken Bones in Dogs

Posted by vikram on October 25, 2017  /   Posted in Blog

Most fractures or broken bones in dogs are mostly likely to be caused from car accidents or falls.

Commonly affected areas are the femur, pelvis, skull, jaw and spine. A compound or open fracture is a wound that exposes the dogs bone, sometimes visible through the skin. This type of wound will be prone to infection as it is easily contaminated by dirt or bacteria.

Less obvious are sometimes break with no outward signs of injury. The signs to look out for are pain, swelling, inability to bear weight and deformity or shortening of the affected leg.

Following a trauma of this kind the dog could go into shock, suffer blood loss or injury to internal organs. It is vital to control the shock in the first instance. Dogs in shock should be transported lying down or in a hammock stretcher. This can help breathing and prevent a drop in blood pressure. You must get the dog to a vet immediately.

Handling a dog suffering from this type of injury can be problematic. The dog may be uncooperative or even try to bite. If necessary muzzle your dog so you can transport and get treatment as soon as possible. Never try to lift a dog by the front legs. For large dogs place one arm around his chest or between his front legs and the other around his rump or between the back legs. Hold the dog close to your chest so you don’t drop him if he squirms. Carry a small dog in your arms with the affected side away from your body.

Once your dog has been treated for the initial injury your dog will need time to heal. Quincy Dogs have a range of equipment to help you help your dog during recovery. The Dog Lifting harness with handle is a ‘must have’, All our harnesses will aid mobility and keep pressure off of joints during this time.

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