Arthritis in Dogs

Posted by vikram on October 18, 2017  /   Posted in Blog

Arthritis is also known as osteoarthritis and is a degenerative disease of the joints. The risk increases with age as the cartilage wears and cells die.

This causes enzymes to be released, leading to inflammation and fluid from the joints diminishing. This causes the bones of the joints to rub together. As the bone rubs it becomes uneven, resulting in stiffness. Sometimes osteophytes, extra bony growths, develop.

As this condition takes effect and changes the functioning of your dogs’ joints, your dog will experience pain and lameness. Normal mobility is compromised which, in turn, can start to affect the muscles. If muscles aren’t used their strength will diminish, this is known as muscle atrophy.

With the advances in veterinary medicine and research, it is possible to control the condition and provide a happy, comfortable life for your dog.

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