Managing Arthritis in dogs

In simple terms, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. For our canine friends, who love nothing more than to run, jump and play, it can be life changing and debilitating. As owners, we want nothing more than to help relieve the pain of this condition and keep our companions as happy and active as possible.

Unfortunately, inactivity is a common side effect, due to the lameness and pain arthritis brings. However, this in turn will lead to muscle wastage also known as muscle atrophy. In addition, inactivity can lead to weight gain, placing more pressure on the joints, as well a drop in cardiovascular health.

So, as owners, how do we manage this condition on a daily basis and keep our pets as active as possible?

Quincys Gen X and Spero harnesses are designed to help you help your dog. With handles front and back you will be bearing some of the weight, which in turn removes some of the pressure from the back legs. Your dog will be able to get up and move more freely with your help. Used correctly on a daily basis, you will start to see improvement in the muscles. These harnesses have helped dogs and owners worldwide and are a ‘must have’ for managing this condition.

To demonstrate how the Gen X harness can help your dogs mobility, watch this unedited video of a Newfoundland with severe arthritis.

  • ‘Spero’ Dog Mobility Support Harness : Sale – £90.00.


    GenX – Dog Lifting Harness with Handle – £75.99


  • Hydrotherapy for dogs

    dogs hydrotherapy

    Hydrotherapy is also a fantastic way of building muscle and cardiovascular fitness without stressing the joints. It also helps manage weight and improve blood circulation to the heart. Swimming is not only a great exercise for people, it works for dogs too. Even dogs who aren’t naturally ‘water dogs’ will enjoy the benefit hydrotherapy brings. If you are lucky enough to live near Quincys Hydrotherapy pool in Hertfordshire then we recommend 2 sessions a week to help your dog become stronger, happier and more mobile again.

As with all medical conditions, your dog should see a vet regularly.

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